Getting America Right

According to Edwin J. Feulner and Doug Wilson in their book Getting America Right the right government should have all its actions and policies answer the following six questions:

1. Is it the government's business or could this be handled better by a state, community or an individual?

2. Does this measure promote self-reliance or does it punish individual initiative and condemn their recipients to "permanent dependency"?

3. Is it responsible?

4. Does it make us more prosperous or are the excessive government regulation, too high taxes, and trade barriers make America loose the economic freedom that is the wellspring of our national prosperity.

5. Does it make us safer?

6. Does it unify us or does it exaggerate our differences and divide us.

I cannot agree more with these two gentlemen. It does seem lately that  responsiblity and accountability are considered curse words, and hard work is to show up in the morning on time.